Tell me more about this Market Share

The Market Share!

This cutting edge share allows you to pick up what you want when you want it.


You still can support the local farmer thru paying upfront and recieving added dollars to your account. New for 2016 is discounts only for Market Shares members.


Visit us at any of our farmer market locations, pick up what you want,when you want it and we deduct it off the total prepaid.

We now use a debit card to keep track of your purchases. 

Don't carry a lot of cash?No worries...with a prepaid card you can shop w/o out it.


Can't make it this week or the next? No problem. This share is good forever. It rolls over and over till you use its entirety.


The way it works:

There are three prepaid account sizes to choose from:


$99 ( 5%  DISCOUNT -Your season will start with $104 in your account)


$199  (7.5% DISCOUNT -Your season will start with $214 in your account)


$299 (10% DISCOUNT -Your season will start with $329 in your account)






  • Choose only the vegetables or fruit that you will use. We are trying to cut down food waste from vegetables unpopular with your family.

  • No customer commitment to picking up produce each week – shop in accordance with your schedule.

  • No need to bring cash – you already have an account.

  • Your account rolls over–so no need to worry about an unspent balance at the end of the year.

  • Only between Christmas and New Years do we take off from the market or if bad weather hampers us from traveling.

  • Will be given Market Share discounts each week...only available if you are a market share holder.

  • Receive weekly letter from farm describing what will be in the market this week with recipes


This model still encourages us with money upfront to help us with seed, equipment, and labor! You are an investor in our farm!


We are in a market 51 weeks out of the year now. This means you have access to our products all year long.


Tidbits about Market Share-

  • You can start using your share when paid in full.

  • We will track your transactions with your debit card.

  • We encourage you to keep track as well...but not necessary.

  • Market Shares are non transferable. If splitting share...please note who you are splitting with on sign up sheet...two people maximum can use card e.g. husband /wife /significant other /child

  • We reserve the right to limit quantities 

  • Market Share not valid on Eggs-Honey-Canned Goods



Still have questions?  email farmer Rick @